about Tang Rui

About me

I’m Terry, the founder of Tang Rui Business English. The name Tang Rui comes from my Chinese name 唐睿. 

My mission is to support Taiwan’s “bilingual by 2030” initiative. I want to help as many people as possible to improve their English skills, and to have fun doing it!

I was born in England and from an early age I was fascinated by science and engineering. I studied electrical and electronic engineering at university and followed a career as an electronic hardware design engineer. My work took me to many countries and I lived 10 years in the Netherlands and 1 year in Japan. 

Since 2019 I moved to Taiwan and started my second career as a teacher of English and science. I teach all levels and all ages of students, and I specialize in helping busy professionals to improve their business and technical English skills.

I offer in-person classes within the greater Taipei area and online classes worldwide. I believe that my prices are fair and I do all I can to help your progress.

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